Landing on proper part of hand/knuckle

 Do you guys have any good tips for how to practice landing punches on the proper part of your hand/knuckle? My left hand is fine (I'm right-handed) but my right has developed a bad habit of landing mostly on the space between the 1st and 2nd knuckle on my ring finger. I think a lot of this is due to the fact that I train a lot in 20 oz gloves and so the extra cushion has altered my technique a bit.  Now that I'm fighting regularly again my right ring finger is definitely hurting.  Any tips or drills that can be incorporated into an "advanced" workout routine would be appreciated. Thanks!

Use smaller bag gloves.

Aim to land your punches on the correct knuckles.

 What I figured I would start with. Didn't know if there was anything else. I also feel like I'm adding a little too much torque now - will have to keep an eye on my form to make sure I'm just re-aiming hand and not overcompensating with my shoulder or wrist.

Try aiming to land with your ring finger knuckle, and the other 3 will mots likely land flush as well.

 There are a few different definitions of "proper".  The only problemis that not everyone is created equal.   

Mechanically what is right for one person may not be great for the next.

Here are some of the things that you should look at.    Is your wrist straight?   For instance, in Shotokan they teach to hit with the first two knuckles, the theory being that it lines up the bones better.   But I find that I have to slightly cock my wrist outward to achieve this.   I did it for years and was able to hit hard, but I do not think that it was optimal.   Now that I do a boxing based art, I aim with my middle knuckle without having to make any adjustment with my wrist.    In my case, my first knuckle is much shorter than my middle knuckle.    Pervsely, cocking my wrist a la Shotokan, compenstated for that.    But with my wrist in a more natural position, it is more of an issue.   I have long fingers and when I make a fist, I have to make sure that is it tght on impact or I have a tendency to hit low on the fist closer to the middle knuckles, not good.

The bottom line is that I don't think that there is one correct way.   You really need to look at your fist and your own bone alignment and fiure out what is best for you.

Thanks guys - been trying a combination of increased work with smaller gloves (lots of double-end bag with just my wraps) and what e kaye covered. I have skinny wrists, and I tend to move my wrist/hand with different punches to where I need to figure out the optimal angle both to throw and land my punch.

May be exercise to strengt your fists, makiwara like karate is good to strenght your knuckles too.
In mma is similar and punches more in vertical position may be is better.

I like using lighter bag gloves similar to these. I think it helps you keep better habits. Though after bruising my hands I'm thinking switching to something heavier for days when I'm on the bad a lot

OneScoup - Realistically there are some punches that have to be landed on other places on the knuckle, like long left hooks.

care to elaborate dude ?

"have skinny wrists, and I tend to move my wrist/hand with different punches to where I need to figure out the optimal angle both to throw and land my punch."

One thing that I will add, is that your wrist should be straight. Regardless of the punch thrown. No side to side or up and down wrist cocking. It is hard to hit hard with a weak wrist that is out of position.