Landless "former" UFC ref?

According to, Larry Landless is a "former UFC ref" (it's in the description of his fight in the KoTC results).

Is this official?

let's hope

*begins praying*

sorry larry, you might be a good guy or something but reffing is not one of your better skills.

Larry has had 2 major fuck-ups in the last 2 UFCs

Reffing is a tough's not for everyone

"Larry has had 2 major fuck-ups in the last 2 UFCs"

...And barely any for the 10 previous to that. Sucks to be an MMA ref', that's for sure.

Is the KOTC giving Larry scrubs to fight? Or are they legit?

Is it because he fights now & can't be both?? Is there a rule on this???

He's not gonna get top dogs cause he's new to fighting. Don't think that just cause people know his name that the fix is in if KOTC doesn't give him top level competition.

BJM is the biggest fuck up, not larry.

"Larry has had 2 major fuck-ups in the last 2 UFCs."

Baroni was one... who was the other?

Peter P

"Baroni was one... who was the other?"

Pushing on Franca's shoulder as he was trying to punch Thomson, causing the punch to miss and giving Thomson time to recover when it looked Franca had a great opportunity to finish the fight.

Man that really sucks. No wonder I didn't remember seeing Landless' fuck up on the last show. Is that why we didn't get to see the fight?

Peter P

There is one thing I dont understand. Why is it that just because you are a ref and people know your name people expect you to fight a big name fighter! It doesnt matter that Larry has been a ref and has a name, he is still new to fighting in a cage! Think about if you were a ref, would you want to go out your first fight and fight Mark Coleman or Kerr or how bout Tito? Seriously, I wouldnt!
But thats just me

What does what have to do with anything? Wrestler25 asked if the fights he has had were legit. I know I didnt stick to the thread title but that is just one thing that kinda bugs me. Why? Did you want me to start a seperate thread about it? I didnt think it would warrent one!

One can only hope!

Has this been confirmed yet?