Lap Top won't start anymore?!?

Before I rush off to the nearest Geek Squad, maybe this is a quick fix?

My lap top says it had to force a shutdown and then "dumps memory". WHen I try "system restore" it starts for a while then force crashes again.


Try reseating your ram, test.

Then try starting in safe mode. If you can get into windows in safe mode you probably have a dodgy driver or an o/s problem.

If it still bsods, try disabling stuff at bios level(nic, wireless nic, touchpad, usb, keyboard-use a usb kbd)

Also in bios, check your disk access mode. If it's changed from what it was when the o/s was installed you can get issues.

Reset bios defaults, try rebooting.

Failing that, download a copy of Heiron boot cd and run hdd, ram and cpu tests.

If they all pass your motherboard may be rooted.

Additionally try this: