Laptop help?

My wife has a Toshiba Satellite laptop that has something wrong with the keyboard. The keys aren't physically stuck, however the keyboard isn't responding. After a while, it just begins typing automatically in her MSN Messenger name field, as if she was holding down a key. The | symbol specifically... but sometimes it switches it up to another character or letter. Any suggestions?

Much appreciated!

Nope... some times folders just open at random, sometimes the msn gets going, and if I open a blank txt doc, it just repeats some random character. The touchpad and mouse work fine. Got me stumped...

I would use a boot disk (DOs, Linux) and try using the keyboard in another environment. If it works its has someting to do with your windows and not your hardware. IF it doesn't its most likely hardware related.

thanks for the advice... i read somewhere that ppl having touchpad problems should unplug the laptop, take-out the battery, and hold the ON button for 30 seconds. This will enter some mode that helps reset things... wonder if it would work for the keyboard? Might give it a run before we have to ship it off to Bangkok.