Laptop modem question.

I just recently got an IBM Thinkpad (although I'm not computer tech savvy), and I'm going on vacation in a week. Basically the only question I have is that is there any way I can connect to the internet via my laptop using a connection through my cell phone, and if so what would I have to buy to accomidate it. Only reason I ask is because where I'll be staying doesn't allow "free" local calls, and I don't want to run a bill up if I want to access the internet for something. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

I believe there is a way to do that, however I think it's slow and kinda expensive. Check the website for the company that makes your phone and possibly contact whoever you get your cell phone through. Depending on where you're going you might be better using free hotspots like coffee shops or bookstores (assuming your think pad has a wireless card). You might want to check with where you're staying some hotels offer high speed internet. Where are you going on vacation? Sorry I couldn't be more help