Laquinta can pull this off.

Laquinta was a good college wrestler he has a speed advantage on khabib. I think this can be interesting.  As chael said wrestlers only look great against,guys that cant wrestle.

I think he has a better shot than Holloway

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He has the power to put him out too

Al is a dangerous fight ko power with a ground game

al is a B fighter with a 20% chance of winning

He can pull this off. He has amazing cardio 

Moist Gracie -

I like Laquinta because he's always right next to a Denny's

I see what you did.

I got a few hundred on al and Joanna separate and parlayed 

Dead President -


Laquinta is one of my favorite budget hotels.

It would be kinda fun but I can't see it happening.  But who knows, it's a fist fight.  

I think he's the toughest fight of the people who offered to step in at short notice. Pettis doesn't handle people who pressure him or are good grapplers and Holloway should be down the road with a full camp and proper build up

I used to live in la Quinta. Place sucks

So pumped for this.  I know it’s a long shot.  AL is very talented 

I believe in Al. 

It’s a possibility, but I think he’s going to get wrecked. 


Id love to see the upset though. 

Fuck yes he does

Al and Joanna will cause a ruckus tonight