Largest Mask Study finds Masks Work

Did you black out during that video? He definitely doesn’t say masks dont work. He says models and epidemiological studies suggest they may work but that there’s also other evidence showing that they don’t. His conclusion is that mask efficacy is uncertain and we need better data

Hey look, we found an example where masks might have worked…that totally redeems the hundreds of examples that you have seen with your own eyes and experienced over the last 18 months…

If mask effectiveness was so important it was worth mandating, you could visibly see the impacts because of the stark differences in places that do vs places that don’t.


Come on guys, but it is the largest study!


No, actually it says that surgical masks work and cloth masks don’t do shit.

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It doesn’t. Do the masks, even crappy not sealed ones, help lessen what gets airborne?
I’m not sure on that.

Want to wear a mask? Go for it. Don’t want to wear a mask? No problem. The issue is we don’t need a fascist government to mandate it and TELL private businesses they most comply with their fascism of wanting to see papers.


Which are surgical ? We don’t get those. They prevent the Surgeon from breathing into an open wound. The blue white crap we get are non-surgical.

This is part of the problem…people spew shit they have no idea about.

I agree, and I’m waiting for the new studies to bring new information on the safety of these vaccines (especially long term safety), because science has already shit the bed as far as it’s efficacy. You can’t trust something that is constantly reversing it’s course. It is not something to rely on or “settled science” because even by your own admission there is no such thing. These are the same people telling you that masks don’t work, and that they do work.

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I think we should mandate condoms next. Wouldn’t have to worry about those pesky abortions.

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Or OG trolls…

More studies to correlate fantasy to underdeveloped adult brains.

Go suck on a used toothpick you fookin Roseanne rerun watching, chicken skin eating, wutang clan listening, bow legged dirty Mexican fuck

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Largest mask study… so it must be true. Too bad I have the largest case of not giving a fuck!

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Was this a double blind placebo based randomized control study? If not it doesn’t mean shit, I’m told.

A mask placebo? Like if they put Fauci’s underwear on your face instead?


They give you a less capable mask. A volleyball net in front of your face.

Good God. You leftists don’t get it. I don’t care if masks work or not. If you want to wear one, wear one. If you don’t, don’t. That is the argument here. This is about government MANDATING them. If we let government mandate masks. We might as well let them mandate your diet. Because, being overweight kills more people than Covid. Why don’t we just let them mandate how often you leave your home? Then, car accidents will go down. Wake the fuck up!


Says on the fucking box they dont.

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