Larosa Vs Langerak


Just wanted to say that 48 hrs later I'm still smilin' about our friggin' awesome fight!!!

I trained my butt off to thank gawd we actually did do battle in there. My arm might not be too happy with you right now, but I have to say that it was wonderful to meet you and an honor to fight you.

Linda Langerak
Kombat Arts Training Academy - Toronto, Canada


You put on one hell of a fight. You impressed the hell out of alot of people. Keep it up

Previously, I would have rather plucked my eyes out with a spoon than watch a womens fight. After this show, I became a BIG fan of women fighters. I was running around there tryna get autographs and shit like a little groupie.

Din Thomas
ATT's finest


GIRL..... ;) You had one good fight, and I'm glad I got to watch it in person rather than read about it! Good post!! I'm sure I'll see you at some other competition!

congrats to both ladies, wonderful meeting you! keep up the awesome work. aj

Linda I am sure if Tara had a computer she would reply likewise. You defiantley had me sweating in the corner with the lock you had..It was an awesome fight and it was nice meeting all the female fighters as well.

Aitor "Spenser" Canup

This was really my favorite fight along with Rox's. You guys are really great. Thanks for letting us invade your room to watch DVD's and for the toothpaste :)

This is exactly why Tara is one of my favorite foghters. Never would have thought I would actually get to be friends with her. Aitor - was really great meeting you too and let me know when you get in to Hawaii. Let me know if you need a ride from the airport...

I will absolutely give you a call when i arrive. My ticket should be here tomorrow so i will know more..
Molly it was awesome meeting you and your coach as well. Can't wait to get to Hawaii where it is WARM

Yeah - no shit! my injuries miraculously healed as soon as I got here. The warm weather really did me justice! Think I might go for a night swim to let the ocean finish the job.

ttt for tara

bump for the jersey girl!! Tara and Linda was a great fight!! Linda your a class act and major props!


Holy shit 3 posts since 2001 or earlier????

Props Linda, everyone at Kombat Arts is proud of you!


tara has had nothing but good things to say about everyone at the show (with one exception we can all figure out) and i hate i couldnt be there. the problem is that now i have to hear her whine about what your kimura did to her shoulder