Larry Bird owns Pacer fan

from an Q&A with Larry Bird anwering questions from the fans. There goes your hope of getting better, Pacer fans!

Q. I was just wondering how serious the organization is at delving into the free agent market? I see names like Chauncey Billups, Bonzi Wells, Jason Kapono, James Posey, Primoz Brezec, Mike Bibby, Luke Walton and Austin Croshere, just to name a few. Do you feel there are any guys out there that could come in here and fill a void, and if so, how serious of a push will be made to get the necessary pieces? (From Jeff in New Castle, Ind.)

A. When you talk about Chauncey Billups, it'll be virtually impossible to pull him away from Detroit. There's a lot of players out there that I like but it'd have to be a sign-and-trade. We're not going to use the mid-level and we're not going to spend a ton of money but we will make changes.

Wow, talk about destroying dreams and it's barely even June yet.