Larry Elder enters California governor race

Id like to see him call all the white liberals racist if they don’t vote for him.



I like this guy

Is there going to be a Republican primary before the recall vote? I feel if not they are screwing themselves by having 30 or so folks run.

Elder is a stud. White liberals fear him immensely

Great candidate.

He has my vote.

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Larry is great. A phenomenal mind. California doesn’t even deserve him.

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Finally a candidate that’s better than a tranny.

It’s a grift/ ratings ploy. No offense.

He’ll get my vote

Nope. My prediction is Newsom gets recalled and wins the recall vote. I’ll vote for Larry, though.

He won his lawsuit against the Secretary of State because they invalidated him as a candidate due to a scrivener’s error on the 300+ page tax return paperwork he submitted.

He’s back on the ballot.


Saw that last night. Great news. It tells me that newscum is genuinely worried about Elder if he’ll have his stooges blatantly break the rules to try to keep him off the ballot.

And it wasn’t so much an “error” as it was one of newscum’s hand-picked bootlickers in excremento incorrectly (and deliberately at that) applying a “rule” put in place to fuck with the orange idiot-in-chief. In order to illegally keep Elder off the ballot. I don’t know why newscum hated trump, he’s exactly the same. Just two sides of the same shitty coin.

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