Larry Holmes in K-1?

"Larry Holmes Wants to Fight in K-1" By Keith Vargo
According to Jay Newman of Larry Holmes enterprises,
the 54-year-old former heavyweight champ wants to take
on a new challenge. "Since George Foreman will not
fight Larry, he may have to go to Japan to kick some
butt in K-1." That's right, Holmes wants to follow
boxers like Tyson, Briggs, Botha, and Butterbean into
the world of kickboxing. "Larry Holmes feels he can be
a competitor in the mixed martial arts, K-1
arena, "said Newman. "His power jab and hammer right
hand will put a stop to any opponent."

K-1 is a Japanese promotional company that puts on
kickboxing and mixed martial arts shows around the
world. Their roster of fighters includes boxers,
kickboxers, sumo wrestlers, bare-knuckle karate
fighters, and other martial artists. - Keith Vargo

Do you think he has any type of chance of winning?


Butterbean vs Holmes was one of the worst boxing matches I have ever seen. I can't say I'm thrilled those two are the boxers we're getting into K-1...

Larry Holmes is rich, why does he do stupid shit like this?

if there is a God, do not let this happen. How can Holmes even get sanctioned? I hate seeing over the hill boxers get beat up and I hate seeing boxers, jaded by their own arrogance, get beat up by guys in other sports like K-1 and MMA. This would be horrible. Why tarnish your ledgend? That said, Holmes is a cocky a-hole who is very full of himself. But anyone who would beat up a fat grandfather who never threw a kick in his life should be ashamed of themselves.


I want to see Holmes in K-1.Than even the weakest of the division could gain legendary status by having a win over the guy that retired Ali

He should fight in "Deep 6".

well at least some boxing vs kickboxing debates are getting some answers

I have heard that Holmes is working on kicking techniques with Francois Botha, so he may be a force to be reckoned with here.


Come on Butterbean, you know Larry is much to old for this type of fighting.This is Joe here from New Orleans.

Larry Holmes is broke, make no mistake. That is why he wanted to come out of retirement and fight Foreman, plus the fact that they never fought.

I would like to see him in K-1 or MMA, but not fighting younger guys. Perhaps an 50+ league or something. There he would have a good chance.

Larry Holmes and George Foreman... LOL!!!

Larry is far from broke. He is one of the exceptions in boxing... a fighter who managed his money fairly well and invested it in properties, stocks, etc..

Not too bad for a former truck driver who dropped out of school at an early age to support his pregnant wife to be and soon to be child.

Larry doesn't need the money. It's all about the ego and him thinking that he never got the respect that he deserved when he was younger.

It wasn't until he was well past his prime that Larry started getting any love from the fans. Now it's like he's hooked on that love and cant let go of it.

Sad to see, but all too common unfortunately.

Holmes is phenomenal for his age. He would lose badly in K-1 though, unless he rematched Butterbean.

Put Holmes in the Bonjasky, then we won't have to worry about him wanting, or being able to, fight in K-1 or anywhere else ever again.


I had heard he was broke.

Glad to hear that was nonsense.

If Holmes wants to fight, more power to him.

that old fuck would drop dead of old age on the spot.another poor attempt at faded glory.

Didn't one of shoot organizations pay for Roberto Duran to come in and lose awhile ago?

I remember it in my Bart Vale ISFA newsletter!