Larry Landless no longer with UFC?

I heard that Larry Landless is no longer going to be refing in the UFC, is there any truth to this?

Why? What happened??

Where did you hear this

please be true


Larry ruined a few fighters careers and now is moving on.

Just kidding. He has a tough job.

At least he doesn't run over the fighters when stopping a fight.

Good choice if it's true. After the baroni deal then the Hermes Josh fight, that's enough.

I don't know what to say.

they ditched shitty mason white for his fuckups. now they are getting rid of another blemish, landless. now if they could just get rid of the last problem, BJM. keep yamasaki and get kipp back in there and doc hamilton. that is a great roster of refs. rarely see a fuckup with them. would make the UFC as a whole great.

if they get rid of Larry and keep BJM..then there is something wrong

new UFC ref crew

mario yamasaki

kipp kollar

nelson hamilton.

keep it at that and we will have VERY FEW screwups.

How long has Larry been a ref? If the only mistakes he has done are those mentioned............. what makes you think another ref will be perfect in every call? Not being sarcastic, just wondering.... :)

Big John McCarthy is the best.

Gary Hughes

Its because of him Baroni lost at U.F.C. 45.


They should look at 2 refs for championship fights. Then someone can grab BJM when he's about to make a bad call.

when referees determine the outcome of fights, then said ref needs to try another fukn profession or practice in the B-leagues..

Well supposedly the UFC does not appoint the refs the commission does.

This is the hardest job of the night at a UFC event. Larry has reffed more fights then any other ref. The Baroni thing was not a screwup. Baroni may not have been hurt at that moment but he was not getting out of there. So Larry saved him some pain. If the fighters will not quit it is the refs job to be the smart one and stop the fight. BJ had to run across the arena to tell Cabbage's corner to throw in the towel. You call that good reffing?

Fans are amazing. They were calling for Yamasaki's head after the WFA now that he has not been around for a while they love him again. Kipp was not good
With a refereelike that there would surely be a death!

The only mistake a ref can make is a death! Anythign else can be dealt with. Humans will make questionable calls sometimes...That is called SPORTS. I know not many MMA fans a re sports fans or else they might understand better.

What needs to happen is all the refs need to go to school. Sit down with each other and learn from each other. Doc Hamilton already has the package complete and ready to go.

I know there is not one person on the UG that has not screwed up at work more then twice. Larry has over 1000 fights reffed.

Look back 1000 days and tell me you did not fuck up once? If you say no you are full of shit and probably posting from work to say this. Which I'm sure your boss does not care about.......Which would be considered a fuckup to me.

How did Landless save Baroni? 17 seconds? Baroni didn't look that bad off. it's a fight, let them fight. Stop it when there is some visible damage or obvious lack of defense. baroni was taking some shots, but he wasn't in immenent danger either.

How many shots did Baroni give to an unconcious menne before it was stopped??

good post sherdog.

AZ, how can you say Baroni was in no immenent danger??? How many peaple have you seen survive tanner mounting them and throwing elbows......Baroni's head was beat red and about to be busted open like a watermelon!!!

BJM has been there since UFC 2, you cant just drop him like that.