Larry Landless no longer with UFC?

I agree its a tough job. BJM is the best ref in the business, imo. Landless isnt' too bad, but that thing with Franca was BS

I agree with sherdog and untill i see the hermes fight i wont comment on it. I think landless is the best ref out there along with mario.

BJM is one of the best refs in the world. Now that ref from UFC 1, now he needed a brain.

Does any one have contact info for Big John? I want to get some pointers from him on how to be a better ref.

Bring that bald guy back...

I've said it before...Landless seems like a nice guy, but he's made too many mistakes.

A boss will let a couple mess-ups slide, but there comes a time to let incompetent employees go.

I say let fighters who have been around the block a few times ref. Who would be better plus the fans would love it.

bring back kipp!

BTW why don't they have you reffing in the UFC anymore?

Kip what do you think of Sherdog's comments about you?

if you didn't read it on the thread he said -

"Fans are amazing. They were calling for Yamasaki's head after the WFA now that he has not been around for a while they love him again. Kipp was not good, with a referee like that there would surely be a death!"

"Baroni may not have been hurt at that moment but he was not getting out of there"

I read this, then ignored the rest of what you said assuming it was filled with other crap like this. The job of a ref isn't to stop fighters from hurting a fighter later on, you ASSUME Baroni couldn't escape. Anything could have happened, you must not train otherwise you'd understand escapes can happen in a moments notice, especially if Tanner goes more offensive in trying to hurt baroni, cause as you said, he wasn't.

"BJM has some notable shit as well, the Bas/TK standup, Busta/Linland and Hughes/Sherk standups."

But BJM has been reffing UFC's since 1994. A ref is bound to make a few mistakes over the years. Landless hasn't been around very long and he seems to cause a stir almost every time he refs a UFC event.

If Landless thought Baroni was in trouble he should have just stopped the fight. Not ask him a bunch of times if he is o.k. while Baronis trying to defend himself.

Also if your going to stop the action to look at a cut. Don`t do it while the guy is wobbling back to the fence after he just got rocked.

stop hate landless

We are hoping like hell, this is TRUE!

This is sickening.

I remember vividly how much people wanted Larry refing in the UFC, and this is the loyalty he gets.

Talk about rough.

A good ref will not be seen or heard from in a fight unless a fighter forces him to be. I believe it is in KOTC where I've seen Larry tell fighters not to hit in the back of the head while achiving rear mount prior to any strikes to the back of the head ever being thrown. That is what I call the ref trying to either stall the action or trying to get some of the spotlight for himself.

Let the fighters fight, shut up, stay out of the way, and for God's sake don't try to carry on a conversation with guys in the heat of battle.

I vote for Severn to be added as a UFC ref.

Landless has had 2 major fuck-ups in the last 3 events. How many major fuck-ups do you think you should be allowed to have at your job until you are fired?

Landless's call in the Baroni-Tanner fight was HORRIBLE. I can't believe anyone would say differently.

How can you just assume that Baroni won't get out from Tanner's mount? It might not have been likely, but Baroni may have been able to escape or get his gaurd back.

Sherdog, do you really think Tanner was anywhere near killing Baroni? All Landless would have had to do is wait a little while longer and it would have been obvious if Baroni was going to escape or be finished. I know reffing is a tough job...but you've got to have better judgement then to just start going crazy when one guy gets the mount.

Landless's call hurt both fighters. Tanner may have been able to get a clean finish on Baroni...or Baroni may have been able to find a way to get through the round. Now we will never know.

I think fighters should decide fights...not referees.

I thought Kipp did a great job reffing his fights. Why stop the fight when Cabbage is still fighting and defending himself? It's not like Cabbage was laying prone on the ground with Sylvia hitting him...Cabbage never stopped fighting. That would not have been fair to Sylvia or Cabbage to have a ref decide a fight like that.

No one from management to fighters should be invulnerable to criticism, and yes Landless has made two mistakes, but before that he was doing really well.

It's a tough job, I think the Cabbage stoppage was fair, he was getting a pasting.

I don't know, I gues he's had his chances, but it will only be a matter of time before Kip and Yamasaki make their fair share.

As far as the Baroni\Tanner fight goes Barroni was no way in enough trouble to have the fight stopped. If Larry saved him any damage it was to Baroni's forearms, that were blocking most of the strikes.

At least now we can bet the fights with a little more certainty if he is really gone.

Landless has the most major screwups of any ref currently working the UFC. It is a hard job but I guess some have a cooler head then others and keep a cleaner slate. I would be glad if the news is true. BJM is not all that much better IMHO.

Sherdog you spoiled this last Bushido event with your silly headline and as a result of that careless error in judgement... I nuked you as a favorite BIOTCH@!