on floyds legal troubles,

floyd thinks he is bulletproof. as long as he has his high priced lawyers,
before he will admit he has done anything wrong or made a mistake?

we will see an iceberg off miami beach!

he will never reach the plateau of a dlh.

when floyd fought brusels (?). why is he fighting one of the most gifted fighters in the world?

because the women he usually spars with are unavailable!

after a fight on hbo, well at least we saw sam peter fight.

after seeing one of floyds boys holdin hids jewelry? one of the modern atheletes that think diamonds are a boys best friend!

we could go on and on huh? you're betting on Floyd?




did merchant interview pbf tonite?

yes, he asked floyd, "you said it was going to be a massacre, what happened"?
of course floyde side stepped and simply said, we gave the crowd a good fight like they wanted.

"You've been saying for the past month that this would be a massacre. Why wasn't it?"


Larry Merchant is one of the reason's boxings going down the tubes.

He criticises the fighters constantly during the fight, and then he makes it his duty to insult the tired fighters in the post fight interview.

There's nothing wrong with being insulting towards the fighters if they deserve it. But Merchant went from doing that to just being insulting after every fight.