Larry Parker

Whatever happen to Larry Parker?

You mean Ed Parker, the father of American Kenpo? I think he died in like 1991 or something.

he just won two million

You mean parker lewis?

because he graduated from high school and now him and the Kube cruise around the Youth Centers selling pot and hitting on 14 year olds

i heard "king kong" kubiak had a tryout with the cardinals but didnt make the cut

I think he might be talking about Parker Posie. She's great in those Christopher Guest movies.

If you are speaking about Larry Parker the lawyer he
is still around and lives in South Orange County, CA.
He came in to the Trader Joe's I used to work at and
is a super polite and nice guy. Kudos to the only
lawyer I know by name because of his commercials.

Larry H. Parker got me 2.1 million

"Larry H. Parker got me 2.1 million" -- spread out over 50 years

He fought for us back in 2000 in Mexico and won a grand prix...he's currently back in Russia (last I knew) I'd love to get him for our 4th Year Aniversary show this May.

Larry is tough~! I know I fought him Bare Knuckle in cage in Mexico~ Love to have that video...

That was a great event Shannon! Too bad the guy with the camera never showed up! Shoot me an email, I have a couple of shows coming in Mexico and one in Texas...the one in TX is "Amateur" though

Hector- i dont have you rcontact info anymore-
please e-mail me at