Larry Sanders: Why l walked away from the NBA

Pretty cool video (blue, please!)

Sanders had three years remaining on a $44 million contract. He left around $21 million on the table in the buyout. He's 26 years old

It's great he was able to come out and say it. I am sure he has enough money to actually pursue what makes him happy now. He was a good player.

Best rb ever. War Larry Sanders!! Phone Post 3.0

Fuck! I thought it was a Barry Sanders thread! Lol at me Phone Post 3.0

Seems like a great guy

imagine if a CEO used this as justification for taking millions in bonus pay

same reaction?

Uh, sorry. Larry Sanders never played sports.

Props to him for walking away to pursue his passions

It's easy to do that though when you've already made 10's of millions.

Not too long ago I was talking to a friend who comes from a well to do family, he's since made his own money with various businesses. What I realized is that the reason he was able to take these risks is, he never once had to worry about having nowhere to sleep if he messed up. He always had a detached garage that was turned into an apartment for him to go home to. We talked about it and he agreed, he's never had to think about investing all his money into his company because he could always get more from his family. Phone Post 3.0