Larry's Highlight Video

Just saw this on you tube:

Love the stare down with Ken.

nice vid,

he would have put bonello in a world of hurt had bothered to fight him.

awesome clip, thanks for that

Larry is a real asset to Australian MMA

Thats one hard mofo right there.

I think I have to make a highlight video.

Tres groovy. God after god.

Larry is the man, a virtual encyclopedia of grappling and mma techniques!!! He has an awesome Shooto class every thursday at Boxing works.

Larry, Chris Haseman, Elvis and Alex Cook should all be recognized for their early contributions and efforts in paving the way for other Aussie fighters.

But since this thread is a tribute of sorts to Larry, I would like to say as as coach/martial artist, I look up to him for inspiration and admire his abilities.

He certainly doesnt get the credit he deserves on here at times because. Like myself, Larry has been training for over 30 years and he still gets down and dirty with the best of them. Well done and full respect!

Props to the Papa

Never knew he was such a bad ass!

ttt Larry trully is an Aussie MMA legend

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Uncle Larry is the man!