Larson VS Condit, who wins

A month or so ago I posted asking for this fight. Now it is going to happen 6/3 on VS.

Who wins?


I would go with Larson as well.


Larson is the most underrated 170 lb fighter imo.

Condit by whatever he wants.

Are you guys serious? Larson is talented but Condit is on top these days. I don't see anyone taking him.

Larson by tko stoppage from elbows

Larson by amputation

I just think Larson is going to be too strong for him on the ground.

just like trigg was?

maybe more like Shields

or Healy

Larson will just lay on him as usual and win a GUTLESS decision because MMA IS DEAD!

I got to watch Condit's last fight live at the WEC. I was very impressed with his abilities. He is a very complete fighter. I also got to see Larson fight and was impressed with wrestling and JJ. I can't really comment on the completeness of Larson's game since Apple didn't offer much on the ground. Sounds like a great fight though. Wish I could make it out to the show. The WEC is putting together some great cards, especially ones which have my fighters on them LOL. Good luck to all, especially Brian Bowles, Micah Miller and Jeff Bedard.

"Condit by whatever he wants."

Such predictions are silly.

Condit is one guy who is VERY difficult to LnP. He has one of the most active guards in MMA.

Condit by something or other.

Valencia is fighting my boy Brian Bowles. Brian is a beast and I have all the confidence that he can and will win his fight.

Not sure why Brian isn't listed. Might have something to do with his medicals not being sent in yet. He is waiting to get all his paperwork in order to fax in. He has his plane tickets and itinerary already so they definitely are bringing him out. No worries.

I've been busy with school. I'll be fighting for the WEC in Aug, or so I'm told. I could use some more talent too. I'm stuck gettin' by on hard work.

I'm just excited about this fight (Condit v Larson). They both have sick ground games, and I just don't think this fight can possibly have much for inactivity.