Las Vegas: 3 free hours, what to do

3 free hours with wife in LV. Just walk the strip? (Eating is covered) drive somewhere? Do an activity? High Roller ferris wheel?

No, no strip clubs sorry guys. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks OG! Awesome :-) Phone Post 3.0


So like you only have three hours in Vegas? Yes, walk the strip and get yourselves a big ol silly cup of drank, and people watch. The highroller is ok, but you'd be wasting about 1/3 of your time on it. If your wife is a shopper like mine, avoid planet hollywood.

Buffet Phone Post 3.0

get drunk. play some slots.

Play craps Phone Post 3.0

That's not much time to get anywhere and back. Walking the strip is entertaining or checking out your favorite casino. If you need to earn brownie points take your wife on a gondola ride in venetian I think. If it were me head to Caesar shops and smoke a stogie at the shop there (expensive but fuck it you're in vegas) Phone Post 3.0

One thing that's always interesting to do is check out the art gallery at the bellagio. Phone Post 3.0

Meet up with the Kardashians for selfies at the Sunrise Hospital?

Thanks guys. Just ate at Wicked Spoon and then"walked it off" people watching and sight seeing. Maybe Blue Man Group tomorrow night. At a convention here so not a lot of free time. Phone Post 3.0

lionsoul -

Meet up with the Kardashians for selfies at the Sunrise Hospital?

Came here to say this. Pick up some flowers for Lamar. Phone Post 3.0