Las Vegas BJJ/MMA Clubs?

Anyone know of any BJJ/MMA clubs near the strip, I'll be staying at the polo towers near MGM and Aladdin. Name of the clubs, address, and website.


I have a week at the Polo Towers every year. I was just there this past March. The 2 closest places are probably Marc Laimon's Cobra Kai Jiu Jitsu school (which is right behind Cheetahs - bonus!). I have been there before and it is a good place to train.

Randy Couture's new gym (Xtreme Couture) is in the opposite direction, but not that much farther. I haven't had a chance to go there yet, but he has alot of pro MMA fighters who train there. Just shoot them an email and ask who will be teaching the classes you are interested in. They responded to me pretty quickly.

Unless you want a good workout and have alot of time, you'll need to take a taxi. I walked to Laimon's place from the Flamingo, and it wasn't bad... just time consuming. Good luck!

Thanks for the info chadillac23! I'll check out both schools. Any advice or places to go in Vegas? this is my first time going.

google the las vegas combat club...Ricardo and Sergio are great.



come to cobra kai

I will definately check out cobra kai, who all teaches the gi, no gi, mma classes useless?


I will definately check out cobra kai, who all teaches the gi, no gi, mma classes useless?

Jeff Lawler, Sim Go, Sonny Nohara, Marc Laimon, Useless, Bieri, Joe Daddy - lots of top guys there

A lot of those guys are training for ADCC at the moment i expect tho.

hahah I think JSho meant Jeff Glover not lawler but non the less hes correct a lot of our guys are getting ready for ADCC in a few weeks but youre more than welcmoed to check us out

hey chadillac how long did it take you to walk to Laimons place from the Flamingo. I am going to UFC 71, and want to go there.


Useless is Cobra Kai dicks to walk ins?


anyone know if the UFC will be in town in August? July 7 is the closest one, hopefully there can be one on the 18 or 25th of August.

LVCC is closing? that sucks, I wanted to check that place out too. Anyone have a website for it?

I'm glad to see Ricardo Cavalcanti get some props in here, he's a HELL of a nice guy and a legit 4th degree blackbelt under Carlson Gracie. Follow the link above to the Carlson Gracie team Las Vegas.

ttt 4 Ricardo Cavalcanti



I am starting my kid in classes at CKJJ (Laimons Place) next month, he is 12 and they teach 5 classes a week for his age group. They have a full schedule of classes on their site It is $120 a month for as many classes and as much gym time as you want or for visitors its $20 a day.

Is the las vegas combat club still in business? Their web page hasnt worked for 6months.

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