LASHLEY vs. PALELEI on Dec 7th in Australia!

At 1:35, we break the news on a HUGE matchup for Australian Fighting Championships.

Soa Palelei has been looking for an opponent to challenge him, and I think Lashley will be a big step up?

What do you think? Would you tune in?

Sounds like a huge step up for lashley but I'd go w the hulk in this fight! Phone Post

Very excited to watch this one go down, which will be a visual spectacle no doubt. You have the Polynesian monster facing one of the most incredible physical specimens in the sports history..This fight will be a turning point for both men, who are looking for that next level in their careers..

What's the rest the card like? Phone Post

Where in Australia? Phone Post

AussieMayhem - Where in Australia? Phone Post

This Phone Post

I think lashley takes it. Phone Post

war wand -
AussieMayhem - Where in Australia? Phone Post

This Phone Post

Melbourne Phone Post

MSAC again? Phone Post

They are currently looking at a few other "names" for the undercard. They are wanting to get Peter Graham a fight. Just have to find that opponent that really pops out. A good credible heavy. Phone Post