Lasik and grappling

I just had lasik 9 days ago and its great, my doctor said to wait about 2 weeks before any physical activity
he also said it just matters on how your flaps are healing. after my one week check up he said mine were great so i might start traing agian after the 2 weeks I think im gonna wait on sparing for about a month.

I know I've read here before that some guys have had Lasik surgery and I just had it, so I'm wondering how long most guys waited before they started back and what precautions they took. Thanks.

I was thinking of having it done myself. I heard from some people though that they tell you to avoid contact sports of all kinds, is this true?

Ask Scott Sonnon.

i just had the surgery yesterday. i went from a -8 prescription to 20/20 vision. my doctor told me i could tear the flap on my cornea during the 1st year. he also admitted he was on the conservative side of the spectrum. anyone else have experience with lasik?

Depending on your age the healing time will vary for a bit. Typically they tell you to not do ANY activitiy that will raise your blood pressure for two weeks. Then they say nothing that will have a rubbing effect against the eye for at least another month.

I had amblyopia (lazy eye). LASIK fixed it a bit and I am not used to the fact how my sight is better. I had to stop training for 3 weeks but I did other stuff instead. Basically no mat time but you can do weights.

I had it done two years ago. When I asked my doctor, who by the way was a judo black belt in college, about grappling he said wait four weeks then jump in. I have not had any problems.

Thanks, I had it done two weeks ago. The flap on my left eye was swollen for a while longer than most peoples and my vision was a little distorted for a while. Sort of like when you wear old contact lens' with protein build up on them. Now my left eye is just about %100. My right eye might need a touch up because it's about 20/40 right now. The left one is 20/20 though. I wanted to get this done for years but the price was way too much, then I saw it for 595 an eye and that was it, I got it done. It's great to see the alarm clock when I get up in the morning, and I was only -4.75 and -5.25!

I had it done end of Sept. My DR said to wait 6 months. I waited 4 months. I have had no problems at all. In fact it is awesome.


I had LASIK a year ago. I used to box, and asked the doctor specifically about how long I should wait. He said to avoid sparring for 6 months. He said that I should wait 3 - 4 weeks before doing anything like hitting the bags, etc. As long as you're not getting hit in the eye, you should be good after 3 - 4 weeks.


I took a month off from highschool wrestling when I got my Lasik. Maybe I could have wrestled 2 weeks after the surgery, but I didn't want to take any chances.

Nobody wants to see an eyeball on the mat after a good cross face, espcially when its their eyeball.

I had it done on Feb 28. My doc said to aviod grappling for 3 weeks, but other than that, I was oaky for any thing else exercise-wise.

Thanks for the responses guys, I appreciate them.