Last 1:30 of Randy/Vitor 1 (VIDEO)

vitor/randy 1


lol @ camel killer.

Randy looked chunky. He needs to lay off the crack now a days.

in ufc rules are you allowed to knee a downed opponent?

back then you were allowed


"in ufc rules are you allowed to knee a downed opponent?"

I believe you are allowed to knee to the body, but not to the head.

If you are refering to Couture/Belfort 1, kneeing to a downed opponent was allowed back then.

I can watch that all day.

I wonder if Vitor will try the butt flop technique he used against Sak. ;)

I just can't believe I'll be watching these two go at it again in just a couple of weeks...amazing sport, amazing athletes.

nice video

Vitor was really gassed by that stage, once he hit the ground he didnt even try and work out of it, look for submissions, or even get guard.
i'm suprised he even had the energy to cover his head the way he looked.

I love randy and i would consider him to be the favourite, but i think it will be a very different fight this time round.

That video is a fake; everyone knows Vitor can't be beaten. Well, I guess maybe if they cloned him and had him fight himself. What am I saying? That would be a draw! Unless one of them were on steroids and had been committing the sin of having sex; in that case that Vitor clone would lose, and rightly so!

Randy looks wicked heavy in that fight. Obviously he is a heavy weight there, but it is remarkable how much quicker, and better conditioned he is and looks at 205.

Vitor wants guard!

I always get choked up when Randy wins. Thanks for the clip, saucylv....

A good article on first fight:

Why does everyone here bash Vitor Belfort???Who's bashing Vitor? I'm certainly not. He's one of my favorites.I'm having fun with Jeff Blatnik.

No one will bash Vitor except Randy in a few hours.