Last Chance to PRE-REGISTER 4 EGC!

We've extended it one more day. My website guy is out of town until late tonight, so if you pay through PAY PAL you can still PRE-REGISTER!!

To Pre Register (Last Day today June 24th) or Late Register after June 24th:
VISIT WWW.ELITEGRAPPLERS.COM and follow these steps:

1.) At Home Page click on "REGISTRATION"

2.) At Registration page click "I ACCEPT - PAY BY PAYPAL"

3.) Once you're in the PAY PAL screen choose your division and weigh class then proceed to ceck out.

4.) Print you receipt then go back to the REGISTRATION page and download a reg.form.

5.) Bring receipt and reg. form to the weigh in's Friday night.

Free tournament shirt only with Pre-Registration!! ARMY GREEN or BLOOD RED for the guys, LIGHT PINK or CHARCOAL GREY for the girls!!