Last Class in Law School Today!!

Well guys, the day has finally arrived. At 6:00 tonight I will walk out of my last class in all of law school! Then on May 10, after just a few relatively straight forward exams, i'll officially be thru with this crazy trip.

Man, there were some times when I really thought this would never end. To those of you I leave behind in the trenches, be strong, there is a light at the end of this long tunnel!

You're still sober?!?


Welcome to Bar Exam Land. Much shittier than Law School Land.

Bar exam land is looking worse and worse. I'm taking NJ and NY. The way it works in 7/27 I drive to Albany and take NY, then on 7/28 I take the MBE in NJ and on 7/29 I take NJ. Fun 3 days huh?