Last Day for 5 issues for $5 deal

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Today is the last day for the 5 issues for $5 deal for Touch of Evil Newsletter (detailed information on the newsletter at The offer expires at Midnight EST tonight. The March issue is mailed out tomorrow afternoon and is nearly sold out, so if you're interested in this deal, you'll have to act quickly, as the only way I would do a second print would be if I had enough requests to do so.

If you're interested in checking out the newsletter, you can always sample a free issue by emailing me at, or you can check out what a few fighters have to say about it below...

"Jeremy, I think you have done the best piece on me so far."
-- Dan Severn, former UFC Superfight champ, regarding a biography on Severn

"I received the article, it is VERY good, I really enjoyed reading it."
-- Bas Rutten, former UFC Heavyweight champ, on the feature 'top thirty mixed martial artists of all-time' article in the August 2003 issue of Touch of Evil

"Loved the newsletter... Looking forward to the next."
-- Josh Barnett, former UFC Heavyweight champ and current King of Pancrase





That's the worst insult you can come up with? If that's the best your brain has to offer, then I think it probably would've been smart had you stayed in school.

Nevertheless, the March 2004 issue is sold out at this point. I'm still taking orders for the 5 for $5 deal for a second printing up to Midnight EST tonight. You can always order a free sample issue of the newsletter at anytime by contacting me at

For $5 i was willing to take the chance. I am a union steelworker so i guess i am dumb.

five dollars does'nt even buy lunch anymore.