Last dying gasp for used BUBBA

Ok, looks like I missed the market, but I'll give it one last shot . . .

Anybody got a Bubba that's gathering a little dust?

Want to sell it?

ttt for ya man

ttt, good luck.

I will pay 5 dollars more than muchrespect will


good luck

Tttremendous producttt

lol @ the hidden T's

Thanks for the help, guys!


A used Bubba is my white whale.

wait a week or 2....they'll show back up


Save up and buy a new one.

Support Bubbamaker.

LOL at "Last dying gasp". I wish I could help you.

Thanks Shawn C and Kirik.

The IIsports dummy on eBay has a rather large shipping fee at $98.00!!! You'd be better off getting the Bubba dummy new as I believe Bubbamaker only charges $50 for shipping.

i'd be willing to sell mine. it was a great product, but since i moved a few years ago, i haven't had room for it anywhere so it has been collecting dust. you can email me at the biggest problem i see will be the shipping.

You could get a wardrobe box or a large box from UPS. I've used them before. You'll just need to put Bubba in it and weigh it before arranging for shipping.

When I send out a Bubba in the continental US, I call UPS a day in advance. I send everything ground, and it gets there in a maximum of 4 business days (I'm in Missouri). Just put the box on your porch with a check attached, and they'll pick it up. They'll leave a tracking number. They make it very easy.

I hope this helps. If one of you is out of the country, that's a different story.


lol @ "last dying gasp" and laugh out loud at the
screen name whitewhale that came out of nowhere

Hey! he came out of nowhere on this thread I meant.


dnwsr, you have mail!

whitewhale, are you stuffed and do you have realistic joints? If so, I may have found the answer.

could always get one of these.