Last minute replacement for Vitor?

Who is it gonna be?

Ken Shamrock

Tito Ortiz

ANyone but Tito. Tito HAS to be able to fight Chuck next!

I think this fight will never happen now, it sucks. By the time they can set up a rematch, Randy will be too old.



sakuraba will absolutely be manhandled.

so would ken.

so would babalu.

Tito dominated Ken. Randy dominated Tito. Why would we want to see Randy destroy Ken?

Gary Hughes


Rich Franklin;

Bulked up tanner?

Vanderlia Silva would be a gift.

I don't think they can find a worthy replacement with 3 weeks left.

"But they are same team and Couture would kill him." lol Maybe they could put on an exibition match like coleman and randleman did for the finals of ufc 11.

Memnock...Vitor's siter went missing yesterday in Brazil. Due to his family crisis Vitor may not be able to fight, although nothing has been offialy said.

Wandy vs Randy

I feel like a peice of s*~^T for thinking about this with everything the Belforts are going through.

but maybe Arona, Ninja, Randleman.

Wanderlei is still recovering from elbow surgery, so there is not way he could fight even if Pride let him and the UFC gave him the money it would take.

Fred Ettish

Mark Coleman!