Last night's officiating

All 3 champs were ko’d on the feet and the refs let them take further punishment. Even worse was the Walt Harris Dq.Why did the ref jump clearly wasn’t a nutt shot. Was it a tko then dq.

it’s ok pumpkin

OP, I empathize with you.

Hate to see fighters take unnecessary punishment. As in I’m screaming at the ref to stop the fight.

Will need to go back and re-watch.

How does Blayde win with a foul?

That decision has me very confused.

I thought the stoppages were late. Specifically the JJ stoppage and the Bisping no stoppage. Not errgregious but a tad late 

All three champs weren’t ko’d on their feet as they all three kept fighting. And it clearly was a nut shot. Are you bored and feel like trolling?

Gotta give the champ a lengthy opportunity to try and make something happen. 

All were KO'd on the feet???? What show was I watching then last night????

meh Cody could have continued a few more seconds. Bisping was done, the elbows were plenty. JJ vs Rose was on point. overall, grading them with the curve of how bad officiating can be, id give them a solid B