Last person fired at your job and why?

Living the dream

When they moved me into my current role, it was because the guy doing the job at the time was incompetent and doing a terrible job. Instead of firing him, they decided to keep him around as my direct report and then leave it for me to get rid of him, which of course I did.

I’m the dude that was being shown what’s up and I agree. It was informative and well-presented. But in the last paragraph I noticed a considerable drop in quality!

No offense, but that sounds like the job is the problem, not the people.

Sounds super high stress, and kneejerk.

Buddy of mine. Engineering degree. Large site manager. Talking high rises, hotels, schools. He was the site superintendent.

He got into adderall. Very heavy. It didn’t really effect his job. A couple years of adderal then he was doing coke! Then things went down hill fast. At the end he was doing coke and adderall at the same time. He’d need to ‘come down’ so he’d drink. He had a few auto accidents, a dui, a crash and fleeing the scene, jobs kept getting fucked up. Had no choice but to fire him. His performance was terrible at the end.

he was not a bad dude, making 150 a year and he threw it all away.

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Not offended, it’s a major corporation and I’m just a cog in it. However, I would say it has more to do with the caliber of people in the job pool today. There are people who have worked here for decades under the same rules and thrive at it. These guys get incentive pay for anything above the required standard, and are paid well even at the base rate, and have good benefits, vacation, etc. Your don’t have to kill yourself: the ones who make it stop and shoot the shit, or go take a shit if needed, and still do fine. It’s just a lot of these new kids in the job market see it’s actual work and aren’t down for that.


Life is tough we should give these people support not fire them

Fuck ‘em. Life was tough in 1983 when I did what they do for $4.25/hr (equivalent to $12.66 in current dollars), no paid sick days, no vacation until 2 years on the job, etc.
Their base is $20/hr + incentive and they get paid sick days upon completion of their probation and a week of vacation at beginning of the next calendar year.

Ili would FUCKING LOVE to know the rest of this story. Good from the wife’s perspective LMAO

Got some good stories here, thanks for sharing em

Again, I don’t hire anyone. I tell HR that I need people and they take it from there. Generally speaking, it’s illiterate Latino immigrants that they send. There’s been two in the decades that I’ve been doing this that have at least a few words of English.

Since you’re doubling down, let’s do a mental exercise!

PRRS is Porcine Reproductive Respiratory Syndrome. In layman’s terms, the bug gets between the eggs and the wall of the sow’s uterus. This prevents the fertilized eggs from attaching to that lining. This happens while essentially a fish net tightens around their lungs. It’s called Blue Eared Pig because their ears turn blue from lack of oxygen.

We have vaccines for it but the vaccine is obnoxiously expensive. We’re talking thousands of dollars a dose and, even then, it’s not perfectly effective and seems to have different timelines for protection.

This illness was found on every single gas station/grocery store/business floor that one of the universities tested.

So imagine, for a second, that you have a feed truck driver that stopped and got a cup of coffee on the way to work. He gets out of the truck, opens up the feed bin and then gets back in the truck and backs it up until the boom lines up with the opening. While he’s dumping several thousand pounds of feed into the bin, he walks around and opens all of the other bins. Doing so causes him to spread PRRS all over the concrete pads that the bins rest on.

An hour later, a person from the farm runs out to change the bin over and walks in one of the same places the truck driver did. He runs back in and finishes up the day 1 vaccinations. When he does so, he gets in and out of the crates and spreads PRRS all over the place.

In the first 24-36 hours afterwards, you’re going to start hearing coughing from the animals. The coughing is going to get worse and worse and worse. If you have someone like me, we can get the sows that aren’t coughing vaccinated and save maybe 30% of the 2600 animals.

That leaves us with 70% that are a total loss. During this time, the sows will still give birth but they’ll be mummies and stillborns. The sows will gasp, hack and seize until they die or you euthanize them. The pigs that are already born or going to lay down, start gasping and turn blue until they die.

This means that you have a couple people drag the dead animals out to the chute where there’s a crematorium on wheels. They throw the loops around the necks of the dead sows and drag them in. They can incinerate about 30 animals per cycle and each cycle lasts 4 hours.

There’s a couple people that use snow shovels to shovel dead pigs into the furnace. Now you have the smell of burning shit and meat in addition to the smell of death that’s every where. It doesn’t matter how much you shower or scrub nor can you fit enough Vicks into your face to keep from smelling it.

While that’s happening, you have two people who are washing the rooms with scalding hot water and biogel. Biogel is muriatic acid made into a gel form. You can watch it eat the skin off of you. While they’re washing, you have someone going along behind them and spraying everything with bleach. So in addition to death, rot, misery and burning bodies, you now have the smell of bleach.

The animals that are sick but don’t die fast enough need to be euthanized. How this works, at least when I’ve done it, is to put all of the ones that I can fit into a pen in a pen and then get in with them. You go from one to the next to the next to the next shooting the animals in the head until you’ve killed them all. Some of them know what’s coming and lay down and wait for it. Others try to fight. Others try to run away.

Anyhow, those last two aren’t an option so you shoot them in the ass and then go shoot them in the head. You have just enough time while people fill other pens to load another magazine.

All of the babies that are sick also need to die. Blunt force trauma (picking them up by the back legs and slamming their heads into the pavement), CO2 boxes or shutting the fans off in the room the day before are all methods of achieving this.

When the killing is over, the farm sits empty for about a week.

The people that deal with these illnesses usually have to quarantine for 7-10 days before they can come back to work. There’s a lot of people that just never come back afterwards.

So when you say that I’m hysterical or whatever other stupid shit, it’s not effective or cutting. It confirms for me that you don’t know a single God damn thing about what animal farming is because anyone that has had to deal with an illness on a hog farm would do anything they could to prevent it.

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Lol, that son of a bitch would be hog shit in 24 hours. I’d bet a paycheck that I’d make that happen without breaking stride.

Alright mate, seems we both rubbed the other the wrong way and starting throwing jabs at each other. I retract mine, you obviously seem competent and well-informed and I appreciate the knowledge you’ve shared.


Ive hunted scrub or wild bulls trying to mate with ours on foot as a 10 year old but yeah imma get fucked up on your corporate American farm complete with a HR department lol

Im shaking in my boots

Yeah, no problem man. You couldn’t have known that it’s a button of mine. If y’all have other questions, feel free to shoot me a PM. I’ve worked in about everything with hogs from breeding to putting them on the terminal truck.

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Well It wasn’t really a firing because he was a subcontractor but my boss told one that we no longer needed his help. Guy called him on Monday asking if he could send home one of his employees so that he could get some hours.

Doesn’t seem to know the difference between a subcontractor and an employee.

I told my staff (bar) no smoke breaks for FOH. If you smoke, tough shit, it is unprofessional and customers don’t want to smell your smoke breath. Everyone knows this when they get hired. So this one liberal asshole who is very loud on FB and would make insinuations against us is outside smoking as I pull up. I go in the bar, the place is slam fucking packed for a soccer match. The guy had his 7 year old daughter at the end of the bar, alone. He’s outside smoking while hungry and thirsty fans are in the bar alone with his daughter. I called in another employee and fired him on the fucking spot.

He then sent out a mass text calling me a “Gun toting, WWE watching, Trump supporting douchebag”. I then had him blacklisted from the industry. 6 months later the guy came back with a groveling apology begging for his job back. He’s lucky I didn’t put my boot up his ass. He is right about the trumpy thing and the gun thing tho, although I haven’t watched WWE in years.


My boss just got fired, The VP said the company didn’t agree with the direction he was taking our division.