Last Pride Fights Announced

Noguiera vs Zulu


Yvel versus Zentsov

(I'm not kidding. Take a look at the Pride site)


WTF is Zulu still doing there?

ttt for Prides great matchups

The depth of Pride's HW division is staggering


What a bummer. We have TWO middleweights in the entire thing and they are both mediocre.

The Pride organization absolutely baffles me. How can a company with the resources and the vision to consistently employ some of the world's best HW and MW fighters still manage to come up with such an unispired card? This is made even more perplexing by the fact that this is supposed to be a huge event!


Hardly an absolute tourney, since the only fighters of lighter weight are total and absolute sacraficial lambs.

As for some of the HW's in it, total jokes.

Zulu is going to be a hard fight.

They should have just had it be an 8-man tournament so they could actually have a quality first round, along with some good 205 matches on the card (like Silva vs Rogerio).

Speaking of 205, what is the state of that division in Pride now? Igor's lost his last several; Kondo and Ninja are down at 185; Overeem is up to HW, apparently for good; Shogun is out for the year; Rampage is gone to the WFA. Is the division now basically just Silva, Rog, Arona, Sak and Nak? After Silva/Rog, what other matchups are there to make?

The whole open weight idea went completely to shit, with not a single top 20 non-heavyweight in there. I wanted to see Wandy, Henderson, Sakuraba, Arona, Lister, Gomi, etc. They totally blew it.

"WTF is Zulu still doing there?"

The same reason Giant Silva was still at the last show...... Got to have at least one freak in every show now.