Last Raw before Wrestlemania

Well, that was a disappointment…

My patience is running thin.

To be fair, this applies to pretty much every single of episode of Raw for the last 5+ years.


This is the least excitement I’ve had for WM since ever. It’s sad, because I used to get so excited and would host a little get together at my house every year for it. It was one of my favorite days of the year. I’ve barely watched any WWE over the last year. It was just too much of a chore and not enjoyable at all.

wwe has totally killed wrestlemania weekend. even the indie shows this weekend look terrible

Hall of fame just started. Hoping peacock doesn’t give me commercials every 10 minutes for a “live” show.

Man they could of split these hall of fame classes up into two nights, feel like I’m watching a six hour wrestlemania with how long this shits getting dragged out.