Last student of Kano, founder of Judo passed away.

Keiko Fukuda, the highest-ranked female judoka in history, and the last surviving student of Kano Jigoro, founder of judo passed away at 99 years old yesterday.

She led an incredible and inspirational life:

Her story made a big impact on me, and made me think about what it means to be a life long martial artist.

Rest in Peace.

RIP Phone Post

Just heard, she actually did my naga no kata (Cant remember if that's what its called? I'm old)

Amazing woman
Requescant In Pace Phone Post

RIP Phone Post

for OP

Just awesome. Rip. Phone Post

I rarely say this but...OSU

She died...? Man.

She was the last link to Kano. Amazing woman.



it is my greatest goal to live such an honest life.

PayItForward - rip.

it is my greatest goal to live such an honest life.

"Be gentle, kind, and beautiful, yet firm and strong, both mentally and physically."

That was her personal motto.

It is incredible to think that someone can be that close to the founding of a sport that dates back thousands of years. Phone Post

Holy crap, that video made the room all dusty once again. A great person and ambassador for the sport of judo, that cat had some serious heart and should have the respect of everyone. May she find her peace in the afterlife.

What an amazing woman. I wish more people could be like her.