Last time the JAYS were in a World Series.........

..........Joe Carter ended one of the greatest Series ever played with a 9th inning homer. Maplehurst The Correctional Center was kind enough to leave the tv on late that night so the inmates could hear the game unfold, and I just happened to have a clear line of sight on the reflection in the window on the other side of the range where I could view the action as it unfolded. Regardless how blurry it was, I felt priviledged over most of the other inmates even while I was squatting low in the corner of my cell leaning up against the bars to do so.

As soon as the game ended everything that wasn't nailed down inside the each and every cell on the range was thrown through the bars, clacking off the re-inforced windows on the other side.........tea cups, tooth past, pencils and soap, shampoo bottles, everything available to huck drill those windows with was thrown at those windows. The celebration lasted about 30 seconds and all the sudden you could feel the aird get sucked out of the room whille the realization kicked in that this was it. With nothing left to throw, our party was over.......and it basically sucked.

To top it off, one year earlier when the Jays won their first World Series I was living about 3 blocks east of Maple Leaf Gardens, just off of Yonge St, and within minutes we were right in the thick of the celebration. Now, I was licking my wounds and feeling sorry for myself.

Anyhow, the moral to my story is..............this World Series will be the best one ever!!! I will watch it at home, and I will celebrate in my own home on the far side of the cuntry.  GO JAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

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admit it sgot... if the jays win you gonna huck some stuff

Oh fuck ya...........I'm gonna huck some stuff if they lose too!