last two weeks with youth group...

i kind of did a little test with my youth group kids this past two weeks to see how much their parents trusted me with their kids, and or how much they talked to their kdis about what we go over..

well i did a two part lesson

the first part was from ecclesiastes(sp? dont feel like looking it up lol) about how everything in life is meaningless and how it doesn't really matter what we do cause it's all pointless anyhow...and tied in how in life we really are just a little spec compared to everything and how even we are meaningless in and of ourselves.

i wanted to see which parents if any would question me about this...cause i really didn't bring it around at all in the first week kind of just left it with humans being meaningless and nothing special.

well the second part of the lesson i really get into dying to self and how we are not only crucified with Christ but burried and raised with him as well....and that when we are willing to die to our (meaningless and not special self) we are adopted into God's Family and granted Sonship. and kind of used Annie as an analogy...i think it really was the first time the kids 11-14 really got the meaning of dying to ones self and what it really means. i was excited for them

Good job. It's hard to relate material to kids sometimes, as they're so much less experienced than we are in a lot of things.