Last year and this year are killing Mike Trout when it comes to being an all time great

No chance he gets to 500 HR or 3k hits now

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I agree on 3000 hits…he walks too much for that to have been realistic anyways. 500 HR? No problem still, imo…

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Health and playing everyday is a big part of being great IMO.

If you’re great for 10 years but someone is a little less great but does it for 20… who has more “value” for a career

There are a lot of players that could have been great but injuries kept them away.

Sometimes it’s bad luck. But maybe other times they don’t take care of their bodies the way they should

Who knows

Makes me think about the guy who paid eleventy trillion for the Trout card. I said it that day, his career and place in history is far from over.

You have to think Trout will be highly motivated by the massive amount of attention Ohtani is getting. Trout isn’t even the most popular player on his own team anymore. Just wait until 90% of the All Star Game chatter is talking heads drooling over Ohtani. I expect Trout to come back with a vengeance after the ASB. He should still hit 30 HR for the season if he doesn’t get hurt again.

He’s only 29 and needs 190 HR to get to 500, he’ll have it by age 35.

Thats 38 HR every year until he is 35. He has only hit that many 3 times in his career

I was factoring in another 20 in the second half of this season. But that’s still averaging 34/yr in his age 30-34 seasons. Aggressive considering all his past injuries, but totally doable if he stays healthy.

Hard to predict these things because baseball changes, in five years 50 hr could be common.

I think if he’s remotely healthy he’s still a first ballot.

Broken Griffey Jr hit around 20 HR’s at 38 and 39.

Now that these pitchers aren’t throwing a 97 mph fastball with 2,600 rpms every pitch, his numbers will come back.

Yall act like the average for the league wasn’t just .230 lol!