Late 60's Muay Thai (VID)

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Nice vid! I find it fascinating to watch old fight stuff. Thanks.

ttt for Mawin Thai =P

Fighting black kings... i've seen that movie so many times... good call matt....

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If you can find it, watch the Japanese version of "Fighting Black Kings". Its got a lot of additional footage and different fights as well. I'd absolutely LOVE to find footage of all the tournament fights. I love old school "style vs style" fights, I find them so much more entertaining then the modern fights where everybody fights the same.

Was that from Fighting Black Kings? I don't remember those bits. Kyokushin propaganda video. I hated it. I don't hate Kyokushin though, just that video.

find the clip of the "kung fu" guys and we can have a deep laugh... like Iron Monkey said, a propaganda film, where did they find those guys?

still a great vid

I think the kungfu guys in Fighting Black Kings were just too happy to get a free trip to Japan :).

BTW does anyone know if that movie is available on DVD? I can only find it on VHS and I don't own a VCR anymore.

The DVD release was renamed "strongest karate".

I dont know what moron added "bruce lee" to the dvd description.

Although there are also other kyokushin releases by that same name.

I've seen the Japanese version of Fighting Black Kings and it is indeed better than the American version.

Although this film was essentially a propaganda film (a film to promote Kyokushinkai Karate) I was very impressed with the Muay Thai fighters.

Notice how well they adapted to this type of fighting. They seem to have better rhythm, movement and command of distance than the Karate fighters although this tournament and fightings was suppose to designed for the Karate fighters.

Well it was the first time anyone but the japanese kyokushin karate fighters ever fought under the newly designed rules. Most non-japanese fighters, even the ones from kyokushin, had never even seen the rules before this event.

That looks to be the UK version, will that play on an American DVD player?

"That looks to be the UK version, will that play on an American DVD player?"

It is a "all region" dvd which means it region 0. USA is region 1, but all quality DVD players everywhere should take region 0 aswell even if it region locked to another region. Its what "region 0" was intended for.

However it is in Pal format, the european TV picture standard, not NTSC, the US/japanese standard.
Most modern TV sets today can play both, but that is depending on your equipment.

"Most non-japanese fighters, even the ones from kyokushin, had never even seen the rules before this event."

Yeah, which makes the Thai fighters performances all the more impressive.

The never seen nor competed under these type of rules before (also they never competed in Gis before either) and yet they still did very well.

Well the karate guys may have worn Gis before, but since they had not seen or experienced the competition format either, I say it was pretty even. Exept for the fact that the thai were professional fighters and the europeans they faced where amature.

"Well the karate guys may have worn Gis before, but since they had not seen or experienced the competition format either"

I don't think that is quite right. Well than again if you're talking about the European fighters and some of the non-japanese fighters than I agree with you.

I definitely know the Japanese fighters had both seen and experience this competition format at least on the on local level.

My former instructor was a fighter in that video (Ninomiya) and I know he, along with many of his Japanese peers, had a heck of alot of experience leading up to this tournament. In fact Ninomiya actually Kickboxed Japanese style kickboxing which is closely related to Muay Thai) for awhile (I seen the pictures and heard the stories).

Incidently it definitely wasn't "even" between the Thai and the European fighters. There is definitely an obvious gap in regards to skill between them.

yes, I was talking about the non-japanese fighters. I think I wrote that the japanese fighters had a few test events before the WT.
The non-japanese had never seen the rules used. Many had never fought full contact before under any rules.

And I am aware that Ninomiya did some kickboxing. Japanese kickboxing back then basically were kyokushin guys fighting under muaythai rules.
But the same is not true for most other fighters in the tournament (although I am not sure if the dutch kyokushin guys had started to do kickboxing at that time, most of the great dutch Muaythai gyms started as kyokushin gyms but I think that was some time later).

And as I said, the Thai fighters may have had better skill than the european fighters that they faced, but then the thais were PROFESSIONAL fighters, while the europeans were amatures. So it would be a damn disgrace if the pro fighters didnt have a edge.

Those Thai fighters were all welterweights or smaller, they were wearing gis, they were NOT in a ring, punching to the face was not permitted (and elbows obviously) AND the referee would break them up everytime they clinched...They definitly were at a disadvantage. The event was a great idea though and sadly in the "World Tournaments" that followed, no Muay Thai or Kung Fu fighters participated.