Latest Dan Carlin Episode is out!

Dan retweeted this. lol


He concluded that he had argued for an external businessman as president for a decade and, for his sins, he got Donald Trump. He was out of ideas and didn’t want to continue just for the sake of continuing. He was also getting frustrated by how partisan politics had gotten and that people based their arguments on completely different and contradictory sources, and that it was making discourse impossible.

He said that he got a lot of criticism for ending CS. He was told “now was the time to make his voice heard!” and his answer was “Even if I don’t know what to say?”.

So yeah, the reason why I respect him and enjoyed the show is the reason he ended it.

Eh I soured on Dan when he went on the bleeding vagina tirade about how Trump is a dictator, a year before the “”””insurrection”””””

The reality is that both parties are embracing authoritarian principles, and anybody that has cognitive dissonance about it to see the bad of one side and not the other is just a clown to me.

As much as I think libertarians are fence sitting faggots with no backbone and a fallacy riddled NAP that’s as unrealistic as a socialist utopia, I’m probably closer to their camp politically than Republicans.

In summation, I guess I never really liked Dan much to begin with, and it didn’t take much for me to write him off.

Shane Gillis does Tardcore History once a year, it’s way better.

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Yeah his TDS around COVID made me question his critical thinking skills. His pussy was so sandy, made it hard to take him seriously anymore. Guess we should’ve know, after all, he started out in media.

I still listen to his bicentennial drops, but I’m much more grain of salt with his take on shit because I know he’s a lefty ideologue.

When you dismiss a well reasoned guy like Dan Carlin for “bleeding vagina tirade” and TDS you sound like a person who’s looking for a safe space echo chamber. That’s your loss.

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They arent mutually exclusive. Dan did pussy out big time on covid and Trump. I still
Love and respect him though.


Why do you say he pussied out? He gave his opinion. He didn’t like Trump at all, and considered him a grave danger to the Republic.

His feelings were so strong he said he voted in the last election, for the first time since 1992.

When a history (and Constitution) guy like Dan thinks a sitting President is a danger to America, I find that very interesting, and I listen.

However, that said, I was somewhat disappointed by his lack of critique of the riots, and the leftist politicians who seemed to turn a blind eye to the whole thing.