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Chatting with Scotty, who just got back from the hospital visiting
Darrel Gholar.

Right now they are still awaiting some tests to come back to determine
whether or not he will need surgery.

He is currently concious (with a massive headache). The anyeurism
seems to have affected his short term memory and he is disoriented,
but his motor skills are intact.

Oh, and someone named "John" from the US has been harassing
Gholar's mother claiming to need $7000 for the surgery. There's a
special place in hell for folks like you, and believe me, you don't want
to be caught by myself or any of the other 99.9 percent of the good
people Darrel has come across his life because it will be ugly.


for a full recovery



What happened? I received emails but they are vague.

was this random (at home), in the gym training, partying, etc. when did this happen? God bless.

Wrote this before I realized other posts had been made. Often aneurisms are genetic and unavoidable. As many of you already know, Darryl Gholar has suffered a cerebral aneurism. While I do not know Darrel well, a few years ago my best friend, Sam, suffered the same. With great insurance and the finest medical treatment, I watched Sam work his way back from a basically “vegetable” state. While he lost sight in one eye and is probably 80% today, I can’t imagine what he would be had he not received top medical attention. According to my friend in Brazil, Carlson Gracie fighter and Black Belt David Baruch, Darryl has no insurance and the public hospitals in Brazil are horrid. Thankfully, reports have Darrel doing a bit better than that... Miguel from ADCC has set up for donations at Pay Pal ( and once on the PAY PAL site access Miguel will be going to Brazil soon and Hill bring the first wave of donations. I have contacted a number of other sites and hope we can all band together and help. I can not emphasize how important it is to find a way to carry personal health insurance. I hope that everyone will find it in their hearts to donate to the cause of a fallen comrade.
Brett Moses
Fight Party Productions

TTT and best wishes to Darrel...

Prayers and well wishes to Darrel, and it definately is not me harassing his mother.

the rev

Gohlar sent me an e-mail last week. He said he was going to LA on Thursday to see a specialist. Sounds like he's improving.

Could someone please provide direct contact information for him?  Somewhere to send a card, please. 

Thank you.


any updates?

hope darrel gets better.


How can I donate?

I send my money through paypal to Scotty from

just the best for Darell