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Two Brothers and the Show is a Keeper
Younger Lauzon Makes Debut, Elder Competes in One-Night Tournament at WFL
By Derek Callahan - Photo by Chris Palmquist

Danny (left) and Joe Lauzon
Danny (left) and Joe

Danny Lauzon turned 18 on March 30. He's gotten himself a birthday present, to be delivered on April Fool's Day. It's a present he intends to enjoy, and it is one that he can't unwrap.

"I started training three years ago and I've wanted to fight since then," says Lauzon, who takes on Anthony Peters (1-0) this Saturday at the World Fighting League (WFL in Revere, MA. Listening to Lauzon, a lightweight, talk about his debut is like getting a glimpse of how a kid feels before he gets the Christmas present that he knows is coming. more at

nice article


Miller bros vs. Lauzon bros

TTT. Team Lauzon 4-0 tonight. Danny won his fight via toe hold in the 2nd after a dominating first.

Joe straight out dominated the tourney. Won his first fight via achilles locked about a minute in. Won his second via KO due to a nasty slam. Won the finals via armlock about two minutes in.

Full Results?


I've seen Joe fight a few times, but last night was the most impressive. Both him and Danny looked great.

To call it a sub win for dan is kinda deceicving.....he destroyed the guy before that...his stand up looked fucking great. He shut both of the guys eyes, and dropped him with a punch. There were several subs that looked to be there, but he seemed to really want the KO...looked like he took the foot lock because he got sick of punching the kid in the head.

NICE! Congrats 2 the Lauzon bros...those kids got some SICK moves and will be 2 names you hear about for yrs. to come


Good job guys!

Congradulations to the Lauzon brothers! I know of two other brothers on their way. I agree with Ben. Id like to see TEAM Lauzons vs TEAM Miller.
Great article. I wish you continued success.



ttt 4 Joe...met him the other night. Great guy. Lookin forward to seein him
in the future.

Hey Tait, Was cool meeting you too. Have to admit, it kinda shocked me a little bit when the guys I am with are all like "Oh cool thats Tait, Im going to go and say Hi" and then you come over to me. Was not expected at all, but was very cool.

So you get swarmed by fans too many times to count at the IFL show?

Its a little weird. The whole experience has been wild. Wish we could have
gone to the Reality Fighting too.

Would have been cool going to both