Lauzon in Times Square, NY...

Wowzers! :)

Go Creepy!

Wow, that's big time, Joe. Seriously. Congrats and good luck to both.

Get em' Joe

Good for you, congrats. Possibly FOTY imo.


A certain myspace troll is going to have a heart attack when he sees that.

That's where the Henderson/Silva billboard was. They must've just put that up within the past few days.

I love ny

They always seem to put them up there

I wonder how much $$ that costs to keep that there for a while! That looks like prime real estate for adverts!

Nothing beats having someone name their guinea pig after you ...
Lauzon The

Someone said on a previous thread that there was also one of these in L.A. on Sunset and Doheny at the Citibank building. I drove past on my way to work this morning to get the goods and it was not there, nor was it anywhere on Sunset around that area.

Kenny posts here too.  Maybe the tagline should read Lauzon and Florian in Times Square.

I wish they both had on Red Sox hats!!!


where has KenFlo been? No posts in a while that I can recall

Damn.......his ears must be 10' X 10' on that thing. & blaf was worried about tito scaring kids-MM


That's awesome.