LAUZON vs. BROWN Official

The first match was a battle with Brown winning most of the fight and Joe pulling of a slick guard sweep to mount and Mike giving his back for Joe to take the win via rear naked in the 3rd. The rematch will no doubt be spectacular.

T^3 for a great match up.


Good Luck to both guys.

Good luck to both guys!

I'm glad to see that there is going to be a rematch.

However that poster doesn't tell me where or when, and I'd love to know so I can see it live.


April 2-Revere MA


April 2, Club Lido in Revere, MA

Tickets can be purchesed from fighters, at the door, and I believe from

This is the original post that was taken from the thread about "COMBAT ZONE 10 - Ground War"...

Joe Lauzon has already successfully defended his title. Mike Brown is anxious to take that title away from him. Lauzon expects to leave Club Lido in Revere MA with the title belt still around his waist. On April 2, 2005, one of them will definitely walk away with the belt.

April 2, 2005... "COMBAT ZONE 10: GROUND WAR". LIDO-The Nightclub, Revere MA. COMBAT keeps getting better! For additional information, contact USKBA ACTION SPORTS Promoters Bruce and Lucinda Marshall (TBBP) at 978-828-2149.

We are creating graphics for the USKBA Championship bouts and are currently working on Jay White vs Harry Moskowitz. We are waiting for their pics. Additional details will be posted on our website when they become available.

This thread evidently was created to focus on the Lauzon vs Brown bout. None of us at USKBA ACTION SPORTS can wait to see that bout. However, the whole card (especially the USKBA MMA Title bouts) is an exceptional card and should not be missed. USKBA Promoters Bruce and Lucinda Marshall are giving the fans what they want to see...great bouts. The COMBAT ZONE series of events just gets better and better.

Excellent! I'll be there.

X cellent. Wow, two tough guys who everyone wants to see compete who actually like eachother. What a concept.


Ill come up for this....

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