Lauzon vs. Miller

That's a python and a badger. Did you mean a mongoose and a cobra ?

creepy Phone Post


Please save this card creepy joe Phone Post

This will save the event Phone Post

Hope this is a good one considering the last 3 Phone Post

Please save this card. Phone Post

Dis gonna be gud Phone Post

God I hope they save this ppv

Don't want either to lose...

I love me some JLau, lets see if the JSD vs Cain curse hurts these two beasts.

I love both these guys!!! Maybe leaning toward joe because he posts here. Draw? Phone Post

Joe's made such a tremendous ammount of money with his style , awesome story

Go Joe! Phone Post

this fights gonna be sick Phone Post

I thought Joe was fighting Nick the Tooth. Phone Post

grafzep - God I hope they save this ppv

Miller with the better walkout song, but come on Lauzon! Phone Post

I've never seen a man with such a distinctly bi-colored goatee.

I always worry Jlau will lose :(

Cmon creepy! Phone Post