Lauzon wants fight with Sanchez

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                                Lauzon wants fight with Sanchez

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                    <p>The UFC&#39;s all time performance bonus winner Joe Lauzon&nbsp;injured his hand prior to a decision loss to Evan Dunham at the TUF 22 Finale on Dec. 11. The hand is ready to fight again, Lauzon heart and mind are - he is &quot;itching&quot; to fight Diego Sanchez.</p>

“I think that would be a really exciting fight,” said Lauzon to Steven Marrocco for MMAjunkie, while backstage at Sunday’s UFC Fight Night 81 event at the TD Garden, in Lauzon's native Boston.

Lauzon and Sanchez were scheduled to fight at UFC 180 in June, but Lauzon got hurt. Then Sanchez announced a drop to featherweight, with an eye towards fighting Conor McGregor. However, his first fight at 145, vs, Ricardo Lamas, did not go his way, so lightweight appears to be the division.

“It really comes down to time," said Lauzon. “In my last fight, I didn’t get to put in the best last couple of weeks, so going forward, I want to make sure my hand’s 100 percent. I don’t want to rush things.”

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That's a tough one pick, great idea.

Whoever does the most Stevia wins, homeboy.

ttt since the fight is back on.