LaVerne Clark vs Melvin Guillard

I sure would like to get my hands on a high powered laptop so as to be able to put video's up the same night. One of these days I'll get that Mac 17"er and be in business!

Guillard and Clark will be an exciting match!!!

Fight Card
Sept 25th Tunica Mississippi

Super Fight
170 lbs. Melvin Guillard LA. vs. LaVerne Clark IN.

Featured Bouts
140 lbs. Matt Hamilton AR . vs. Tony Canales LA.

185 lbs Kenny Stevens LA. vs Ray Totorico LA.

210 lbs Skip Hall AL. vs. Anthony Barbier LA.

205 lbs Adam Brune MS vs Jason Johnson TX.

265lbs Mike Breazele LA. vs. Ray Grossman MS.

170lbs Fred Grishwald MS. vs Will Hymer TX

200 lbs Shawn Millstead MS. vs. Adam Peoples LA.

265 lbs Patrick Lachney vs. Matt Thomas TN.

205 Seth Kleinbeck AR. vs Alan Belcher TN.

* Matches are subject to change. We have a few more matches that we will be announcing on this card very shortly. If you have any questions about this up coming event you can contact Rich Clementi at or 985-768-0411


Clark by TKO late on

How good is Mel's ground game?

i'd argue that melvin's strength is ground and pound. thats what he needs to do to beat clark.

Watch for local fighters Matt Thomas and Alan Belcher. They are monsters.


Melvin was a Louisiana state Wrestling champ, and one of the top rated in his class in the nation in college. But he so loves to bang... Melvin can beat LaVern... Good luck to one of my best friends... This is your time to shine Melvin... Do your thing...


skip hall and rich clementi

melvin guillard vs laverne clark

matt thomas vs patrick lachney

everyone looked great at the weigh in's last night


ttt for results

Too experienced.... Maybe... The rest of it is out the window. Anything can happen in a fight


I know the show is over by now... TTT for some results!!! Please!?!

Melvin / Laverne was a draw in one of the best fights this year, no bullshit.

Skip lost via ref stoppage while turtled and taking blows to the back of the head in the 1st

Matt Thomas controlled his match up until a possible lowblow (unintentional during a clinch exchange of knees) that sent him to the mat where he got RNCd by patrick Lachney in the 1st

Seth won over Alan Belcher via KO in the 1st.

I was backstage with my boys Alan Belcher and Matt Thomas after their fights so someone else will need to fill in the rest, great night of action though.

Thanks, Bill. Too bad for Matt. I was pulling for him. Oh, bye the way, WHERE'S MY DVD? lol. I didn't see you at the last kickshoot.

Dave Glasco