"Lawal video: Kerr quitting in slow motion..."

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bam57bam - He will be a star when he decides to sign with the UFC. Hopefully he has REAL fighting potential and he's not just hype.

There was a discussion about this on yesterday's 'MMA LIVE' show. Apparently, it is the UFC and Joe Silva who doesn't want to sign King MO yet because they are afraid of signing another Sokoujeu. That is what Silva apparently told Lawal.

Joe Silva is RACIST

Joe Silva has never said anything negative about Mo. We have also never discussed him fighting for the UFC.

Ryan, you've obviously done a really great job at bringing Mo along in his career with a good progression of opponents. But seeing as how he's destroying people and he can probably take down anyone at LHW at will, how many more fights do you want him to have before you try to get him in the UFC?

Mo has said that fighting in the UFC doesn't matter much to him, but it would be a disservice to his talent and ability if he were not to fight there eventually. The fact of the matter is that the UFC has almost ALL the best LHWs in the world right now.

When are you looking to move him up in competition?

RyanParsons - Joe Silva has never said anything negative about Mo. We have also never discussed him fighting for the UFC.

Parsons, do you have a class or gym you are teaching at?

Well Mo was expected to lose against Travis Wiuff, Silva and Kawamura.

For a guy who has been training MMA for a year and fighting a little less then a year he's right on schedule. Especially considering he has had ACL and two elbow surgeries during that time.

The Kerr fight was a good opportunity to test his knee and gain more experience.

I don't think there's any rush for Mo. Plus I don't decide when the UFC opens the door for someone.

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Regardless of that though, this was a very well produced video! This is a gigantic leap up from the UFC's fighter vlogs, and I'd really like to see production values like this. It was like watching a short movie rather than watching someone be filmed on a camera phone.

thank you for your kind words... and YES!! we would love to take over the "vlogs" for the UFC...SOMEONE MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I only work with a few guys.


I love these behind the scenes videos!

jmig - I love these behind the scenes videos!


Very impressive video, very well done.