Lawler at MW=NO HORN???

Has Zuffa gotten to the point where they have no excuses left, so they just allow Lawler to fight at 185 from the Miletich camp?


Will they still let Horn in one day now? Lawler isn't going anywhere, Zuffa has made that pretty clear (for his first fight at 185 he gets to fight a guy who recently has been fighting at 170). Charuto and Penn were both allowed in at 170, but since Penn had a one-fight contract (or one fight left on his contract) and was going for the belt, it is clear that they just thought he would lose (otherwise they would have gotten him to sign an exclusive contract in order to get the title shot). Zuffa doesn't plan on having Lawler lose (at least not at first)...

he will lose aganist Jhun

I would rather see Horn and Lindland for the title

The skilled Jhun will destroy the reckless wild swinging Lawler.

Lindland not getting the title shot first is definitely against the law!