Lawler on Diaz,waiting for titles & fighting for $

What it is, UG faithful?

Acosta and myself are bringing you a new episode of Majority Draw Radio this week, and Robbie Lawler is the guest.

I've been doing this seven years, and this is one of my favorite [more brief] interviews I've ever done.  Robbie is pretty candid and talks about a myriad of different subjects in our sit-down.

Here are a few quick highlights....

[Before his fight with Rory, Dana had implied that early in his career, Robbie's driving force was cash.  Would he agree with that?]  "Maybe so. But not to the point where that was distracting from how competitive I was and how much I wanted to win.  Obviously making money is something huge, but I would say that was number three on a list of things that were most important.

On waiting for title shots, similar to what the Diaz's are doing: "You know, the thing is, it's just not me to sit around and bitch about anything, and say, hey, 'I deserve this,' or, 'I deserve that.' It's my job to get better as a fighter and it's my job to make sure that if there is a title fight that I'm in the discussion. So, let's just keep moving and getting better and keeping myself near the top, so that if something happens I'm right there. I mean, you can't just wait, hope, wish and pray that you're gonna get that title fight. You might be waiting the rest of your life. So, I'm just gonna get back in there and do what I do. I'm gonna put as much of the title fight in my hands as possible."

Thoughts on Nick Diaz, and the way he's handling his career: "What I think about it is I think he should do whatever he believes he should do. That's what all fighters should do. Again, he has to answer to himself. This is who I am, he needs to be who he is. I'll just leave it at that.  He shouldn't do what other people think he should do." 


Here is the link to the show. We hope you dig it. And if you're a fan of Robbie, please share and let us know what you think. There's a ton more in this interview, so give it a listen. Hit us up @MajorityDraw on Twitter. 


robbie is a cool cat

He was certainly in rare form (at least from what I've seen in the past). He was smiling, contrite, and engaging. Hopefully it comes through in the interview. Thanks for the support everybody. It's not an easy choice dedicating 90 minutes of your day to a podcast, so we really appreciate it. 



Nice work, great to hear more from Robbie, he's the f-ing man Phone Post 3.0

Robbie is spot on and respectful with it. I'd love him to hold the UFC belt at some point. Phone Post 3.0

VU I'm a huge lawler fan

Outlaw'd by Lytle - Robbie is spot on and respectful with it. I'd love him to hold the UFC belt at some point. Phone Post 3.0
+1 Phone Post 3.0

Zed Wayne Zed - A man of few words, but they always make sense.

I always like that Diaz and Lawler have a ton of respect for one another.

I hope they drink beers together as old men.

that's a nice thought I like it.