Lawler vs Martin

...I believe has the makings of a CLASSIC...I'm gonna have to go with Robby on this one...Better training all around...Though I dont see either being able to take eachothers best SHOTS because this 2 have ZZZ in their fists...


robbie by ko. round 1



when is this fight going to happen?

Lawler is a monster and I love watching him fight.

boring fight! terry will ko him in the first 10 seconds.

Martin by KO, round 2.

Lawler by anything he chooses...

I gotta go with Lawler on this one!

TTT...I believe this division is the deepest in terms of KO Punchers many potential WARS

i get a boner thinking about this fight

"Martin by natural MW and not blown up WWism"

lawler at one point was walking at 205. he had to stop lifting weights recently so that he can make 185 easier.


how many fights does lawler have left with Icon?

Did I miss something here? Are these guys fighting or is this just a fantasy match-up thread? Awesome if true!

Just a fantasy match up. Also Lawler needs to fight Baroni and Riggs imo!

Great matchup. Lawler takes it.

thank ya thank ya very much

"Also Lawler needs to fight Baroni and Riggs imo!"

Baroni vs. Lawler would be the shit!