Lawler vs. Woodley official for UFC 200

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                                Lawler vs. Woodley officially announced for UFC 201

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                    <p>Today the UFC made official the next welterweight title fight as Robbie Lawler is set to defend against Tyron Woodley at UFC 201:</p>

The UFC welterweight title will be on the line on Saturday, July 30, as champion Robbie Lawler defends his title against number three-ranked contender Tyron Woodley in the main event of UFC 201 at Philips Arena in Atlanta.

UFC 201 marks the promotion's first event in Atlanta since UFC 145 in 2012.

After completing one of the sport's greatest comeback stories when he defeated Johny Hendricks for the UFC welterweight title in December of 2014, Lawler has since defended his crown twice with epic wins over Rory MacDonald and Carlos Condit. Missouri's Woodley may be Lawler's toughest test yet, having won four of his last five fights, with stoppages of Condit, Josh Koscheck and Dong Hyun Kim.

Stay tuned to for ticket on sale information and more fight card announcements.


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Ug blog built a time machine. Phone Post 3.0

i ses Dana tweeting out tickets 3 days in a row, nobody gives a fuck about this fight, well its an easy payday for Lawler.

Probably Lawlers easiest defence Phone Post 3.0

ufc 20? that's a long time ago

Lawler vs. Woodley official for UFC 200

o rly?

Stupid fucks Phone Post 3.0

I see Woodley freezing up and just trying to survive like against Rory

Top men. Phone Post 3.0

Jesus Christ UG Blog.. as Les Grossman would say, a nutless monkey could do your job. Phone Post 3.0

Could Woodley make weight?, he was heavier then Rashad, last time on FOX

Fucking idiots Phone Post 3.0

Meh Phone Post 3.0

Jesus UG blog I thought it was really announced for UFC 200. Fuck you guys lol Phone Post 3.0

I can't think of a less entertaining fight. Wonderboy deserved the shot more. Phone Post 3.0

Don't know which is funnier. This headline or this statement about joe rogan "He brings an experience, knowledge, and excitement is unparalleled in combat sports." Phone Post 3.0

UG Blog you suck. Fuck you.

Jyoto12 - Probably Lawlers easiest defence Phone Post 3.0
Oh see I disagree
-Brendan Schaub

But really, I do disagree. Woodley is not going to strike with Lawler. Expect to see the Strikeforce Woodley...they heavy wrestling, wet blanket type Woodley for this fight. He knows Robbie can turn his lights out so I doubt he will stand with him for more than 30 seconds per round. Lawler will be defending takedowns for 25 minutes. Phone Post 3.0

I can't seem to give a single fuck about this fight. It's just a blank space until Robbie fights Wonderboy. If this fight derails that, then the UFC fucked up.